Monday, September 28, 2009

Apparently We Are Sportsy

After going to the Astro's game on Wednesday, we continued the sports theme by going to the Texans game on Sunday.  It was really fun and a good game.  However, if you watched it you know, that it ended sadly.  Two bad calls, which negated two touchdowns that could have tied the game, in the last 2 minutes allowed Jacksonville to win.  We had club level tickets (which unfortunately were not given for free like our Astros tickets were).  It was nice to have our own food lines and bathrooms, so there was hardly any wait at all.  A lady in the bathroom even gave me a paper towel to dry my hands. fancy. I don't even think it was that fancy when we have gone with Camp Periwinkle and sat in the suites.  However, then all the food and stuff was free.  Were hoping they will have extra tickets again this year so we can go again.

Battle Red day at the Texans game

We dog-sat my friend Cody's dog Katie Bell (yes named after Harry Potter) while she was up in Dallas this weekend.  Good thing we got rid of Bandit or we would have had three dogs, and Russell might of had zero wives. lol.  Katie Bell is sweet so it was a fun weekend.  Though with having a second dog with us the last few weeks, I think we (and I mean Russell) has gooten the itch for a seond dog out of our system.  Though it's nice for Rusty to have a play mate, they always play and you always have to watch after them.  I think we like our one puppy, who is lazy loves to cuddle, and is perfect.

I subbed for 7th grade math today.  I am so not made to be a math teacher, I am really bad at explaining why things are.  It's math, it is because it is.  This one girl was giving me attitude and telling me I was going it wrong (and I know I was foing it right).  I told her if you want to do it your way, then fine but you will fail.  oops I don't know if that is waht I should be saying to her.  But that class was BAD so I was pretty fed up at the point.  The teacher was gone because he had the flu.  One of the other teachers came in right before the bell rang and Lysoled EVERYTHING.  I HATE Lysol, I hate the smell it reminds me of bathrooms (not pleasant) and I could barely breathe until 3rd period.  If I am steril, I know why. lol.  One thing that I have realized is that kids are sick- literally.  I don't think I have ever washed my hands so much in my life, and put on Purell like it is lotion (and you know me and my lotion habits).  I think I will get a ful shot.  I have gotten one the last 3 years free at my work (God forbid that some of the athletes get sick) it was nice because it was free.  I think I'm going to try and see if they are doing it free anywhere.  I think at Walgreen's you can get it done for $25.  But I would rather spend that $25 on something other than a fluy shot.... we'll see. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Take It Back

I take it back.  It was NOT me driving on the day of the red light camera.  I just assumed it was from this past weekend when I was there for seminar.  And when you have pictoral and video evidence it was hard to say it wasn't you.  BUT on the way to dinner tonight I made the comment like I should try and get Dr. Kelly to pay it for me since I was only in College Station for class.  Russell goes I thought it said the 5th.  I was trying to rack my brain on why I was in CS for on the 5th.  Then it dawned on me.......

We were there for the football game....

and RUSSELL drove NOT me

he was giving me such a hard time, telling me I was wasting money.  Now it's him who is wasting the money.  HA!!

I'll try and see if I can get the video up. lol.

Interesting Week

So this week has been kinda interesting...

It started with us getting Bandit (see previous post).  Well he did not make the cut.  He was the most frustrating dog ever.  The lady claimed he was potty trained, didn't bark, didn't chew.  We found those all to be false.  In the 5 days he was with us he chewed up his bed padding, the throw pillows in the guest room, Russell's x-box cord, the trash, a box of cards, the toilet paper holder, and the futon (i was furious at the last one).  He barked when he was outside for too long and whined all night long.  And when we would try to bop him on the nose for doing bad things he would squirt a little pee out.  Rusty had some scratches on him from them playing.  So we knew it wasn't working out.  The lady came back Wednesday at 5 and picked him up.  Apparently someone else had replied to the ad, so she was going to bring Bandit to them.  In the end we were very relieved to be rid of him.  I think Rusty was too.  Rusty slept I think for the first time last night now that Bandit was gone.  They were sleeping together in the guest room, I would go in there and check on them, and they would both be panting and looking at my goofy like "what we aren't doing anything" and I'm like YEAH RIGHT. lol.  So today Rusty had a day at the spa.  He needed his nails trimmed so I took him up to Petsmart and he got a mani pedi and bath, and apparently some really strong perfume.  Maybe we will try again for a second dog this summer.

Russell got free tickets to the Astro's game last night.  They were great seats right behind home plate, 28 rows up.  They were from one of the vendors and Russell's work.  They were $50 tickets plus a parking pass.  It was kind of a boring game (no home runs) but the Astro's broke a 9 game losing streak and won.  Afterwards we went and got some gelato.  It was a fun night, and I think it did us both good to leave the stress that Bandit gave us behind.

While subbing this week I have watched the first 45 minutes of Journey to the Center of the Earth six different times.  If you need a very detailed description on if I can give it to you, but I have no clue what happens at the end.  I subbed today for one out our Bible study leaders today, so that was kinda fun.  Her kids were really good.  One, I swear, was high or on drugs or something, he was acting really weird.  But I don't know how he usually acts so I couldn't really say.

In the mail today I got a ticket for $75 from the red light cameras in College Station (another reason that going for seminar class is gay). I was trying to make a right turn before it turned red.  Apparently I didn't make it.  UGH it's just so lame. 

Were going out tonight for Tony's birthday (Russell's brother).  For once neither of his or Russell's birthdays has fallen during a Huricane.  Hurican Rita was on Tony's borthday and Huricane Ike was on Russells.  Note to self: don't have babies during huricane season.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our New Addition

So Russell has been talking about for some time getting a brother or sister for Rusty.  I was a bit hesitant.  Where Russell has grown up with two dogs, I grew up with no dogs, so one was a nice compromise.  Well apparently the want ads that get emailed to Russell at his work were too much and we now have Bandit.  His owners dropped him off on Friday.  It's nice to have someone to play with Rusty, and they get along quite nicely.  However, there are a few behavior things that have me concerned.  Russell reminds me that Rusty had behavior issues when we first got him, and that it will jut take a few weeks to get him used to our routines and whatnot.  I"m not sold on him yet; however, I didn't really like Rusty at first either (and I love him now)....  We are giving him two weeks, and if he still hasn't gotten adjusted we will give him back.  What do ya'll think??

On a different note, Lauren and Mark (we went to the Aggie football game with them, see picture in that post) got engaged!!!  We are very excited for them!!

I had my seminar class Saturday.  It was pretty pointless, but it was fun to see all my friends again.  And it wasn't that akward that I'm not full time.  There are probably 6 or 7 subs besides me, so it's nice to know i'm not the only one who couldn't find a job.  Afterwards I got to hang out with Katie (and eat Laynes) and the Allison.

I finally got an ironing board today.  I have several thoughts on this:  how can it be so expensive???  The cheapest I found was at Walmart for $16.  Target and Bed Bath Beyond's cheapest ones were over $30.  I think it's a ploy.  Obviously we don't iron that much (it's been 6 months and we are just now getting an ironing board) Cody borrowed our iron for about a month and we didn't need it, excpept when Mom came into town and needed to use it (we used my hair straightener instead for the bottom of her pants- lol), so why does it require so much equipment??  Oh well, if any one needs anything iron, we have all the equipment now- though I am no good at it.  I'll just continue on in my wrinklely existance :)

And just so Rusty doesn't get jealous of all the attention Bandit is getting (and because he is just so dang cute)

Oh and now by popular demand (as in mom and Les) you can now comment.  Apparently I had it set where you had to be a member to comment, that is no longer the case.  Sorry if this caused you inconvience before :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video Games

So mom should have let us play video games when we were younger, because I am NO good at them now.  Tony bought Russell a new Need for Speed game for his birthday and so they were playing it all night (rather loudly too).
They turned our side table into a steering wheel 
Once they were done playing that, we played some Wii (Tony brought his over).  I was finally doing pretty good at Wii Golf and I hit a Eagle (2 under) and Russ trips over the cord and it come unplugged and loses my awesome score.  Sad day.
On another note, subbing has been going well.  Third grade wasn't that bad, but it was still a lot of work.  I definitely like the older grades.  However, you can tell a big difference between subbing in College Station and in Waller.  In College Station they are used to subs being younger, in Waller they have an obsession about how old I am (and I am definitely the youngest sub i have seen so far).
I forgot to mention this in the last post but the card i got Russell for his birthday said husband on it!!!!! YAY were married!!!  There are a lot more cards to look through now.  And it was the first thing he noticed too.  He's so sweet :)
I have seminar class on Saturday, not looking forward to driving an hour just to listen to some one talk for 6.  oh well i have to go.  But i will get to see some friends that are still there!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Russell's Birthday Weekend!!

This weekend didn't start out that great but it ended fun.

On Friday I had sub orientation for CyFair.  It was an ALL day affair :( And I wont even get into the system until October.  Good thing I am in Waller already or I would never be able to sub.  Now if more teachers in Waller would get sick. lol.

On Friday night we went out to eat with some friend for Morgan's Birthday.  Cohlby came in town for it (he is Russell's best friend and Morgan's boyfriend) so it was nice to hang out with them and some of Russell's high school friends.
Saturday was Russell's birthday, he turned 25!!!  We just hung out and watched football all day.  I checked the mail and he got 5 birthday cards.  Everyone had great timing, because I had checked it yesterday and it was all junk.  We went to eat with his family that night and then we all came back for cake and ice cream.
The candle is from East Asia and it sings "Happy Birthday" while the flower blooms( the petals with the candle drop down).  It's so cool.  If anyone is part of a candle making company, they need to make these in America.  Thanks Heather for bringing me back one, everyone was impressed!
After church today we went out to eat with just Cohlby and Morgan.  Now we are watching football (Texan's are losing pretty badly, though it looks like the Cowboys are winning) and waiting for our car insurance to drop dramatically!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our 6 Month Anniversary

Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary.  Whoohoo!  It seems not that long ago we were just getting engaged.  It was nice that it fell on Labor day so we could spend it together.  We made breakfast, and then watched some tennis (Melanie Oudin - 17 yr old from Georgia- is having an amazing run!).  Then we decided we would go bowling.  We had been talking about it for the last week or two, but to go when it's cheap and there are no leagues going on, you have to go in the middle of the day or late at night.  The first game went pretty well.  I bowled a 99 (so close...) and Russ had a 130 or something high like that.  And it pretty much went down hill from there.  I think I was in the 80s for the rest of the hour.  We got in 3 1/2 games. 

Russell showing off his bowling moves!

A few lanes down from us a guy bowled a 279 (WOW).  He had all strikes but one where he got a 9 spare.  CRAZY.  I will never be that good. lol. 

After that we went to Taco Bell for lunch.  I know it's not the most romantic but it was good and it makes me happy.  The rest of the day was filled with doing laundry and leftovers for dinner.  We thought about going and get free chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a by wearing our A&M gear (or any team for that matter) but I don't really like the chicken sandwhiches (I prefer the nuggets).  Plus the Chick-fil-a by our house is always a mad house, so I can't imagine what it would be like when they are giving away free food. 
On a side note: I am subbing for the first time in an elementary school tomorrow.  Prayers please- lol.  I nomally stick to just middle schools and high schools (it's easier, after 50 minutes you get to do the same thing again, whereas elementary you are with them all day and have to entertain them all day).  But since for my program we have to sub so many days this semester, I'm afraid I can't be too picky.  Hopefully when I get into Cy Fair School district on Friday, there will be more opportunitues at the higher grades.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Football Time

College football has officially begun!  And it's weird not being there for every game.  After 5 seasons of Aggie football, we no longer have sports passes (season tickets).  But we did go to the game this weekend, so it hasn't felt that different yet.  Lauren and Mark came down and we went to the game together.  We went to the tent sale, though it's not like we don't have enough Aggie gear-lol, then we we went to Layne's.  It's SOOOO good, and only found in College Station.
Then we went to Blue Baker and got the best cookies in the world!!
Our seats were WAY up in the zone.  But noone was behind us so it was really nice we got to SIT!!!! and we got to spread out some.  Russell was really enjoying his space.
In the end it was a pretty good game.  We won 41-6.  We left the game with about 7 minutes left on the game clock (I know 2%ers) and we were on the first bus out.  We had to go by Barry's apartment to drop off his parking pass, and  then we went to FreeBirds.  The route we chose had NO TRAFFIC (a miracle on gameday).  We got to FreeBirds and the line was relatively short.  Within 5 minutes of when we got there, the line was to the door.  Over all our escape route out of College Station was stress free and not a trafic nightmare.  I was very impressed and we made it back before midnight.
We are enjoying the rest of our time with Mark and Lauren.  I miss them and want them to move to Houston- lol.  I don't think it's going to happen though :(
On a side note: The bowling thing didn't work out.  Apparently league bowlers monopolize the primetime spots.  And you can only bowl after 9 or 9:30.  And when Russell goes to bed at 10 or 10:30 that isn't gonna work.  Oh well.  We tried.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Blog

So I made this blog a few weeks ago to see how easy it was to help my friend Cody start hers and then just to see if we could still get a domain name. I don't know if our lives are interesting enough to blog about, but since most of our family and friends do not live in Houston, it seem like an easy way to keep everyone up to date.

This past weekend my family came down to see us for a quick 24 hour trip. It was my cousin's baby shower. She is pregnant with twins (Olivia and Brady)

Me and Les with Jenny (and Olivia and Brady)

Mom , me and Les

While we were at the shower Russell, dad, and Jeremy went bowling. I love to bowl (though I am no good at it)! Russell was looking at the prices and during the week for an hour its not too bad- we have our own shoes so we don't have to pay for that. So we decided from now on the Wednesday night will be our bowling night. YAY maybe I will get good at it. lol

I had my substitute orientation for Waller ISD this morning. Complete waste of time. I already have used the Aesop system in College Station so I had already seen the video. Also, a representative of the University of Phoenix was there for those who wanted to complete their teaching degree. I'm sorry I am 2 classes away from completing my masters, I didn't need her speech. Luckily she didn't talk too long. Hopefully I will be in the system by Friday and can start subbing and making some money.... Until then I'll just watch the U.S. Open all day!!