Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was Russell's old college roommate, Jason's, wedding.  Russell was asked to be a groomans and he was honored to do it.  The rehearsal was at 4:45 on Friday afternoon in Sugarland.  I had a TAKS training meeting after school, and the lady forgot until a little bit before 3.  Because she was late she did it in about 3 minutes, and I was greateful for that.  I met Russell at home and changed real quick.  The rehearsal was nice and disorganized, and since it was a Catholic wedding, that didn't seem to be the best combunation in my head. lol.  But at the actual wedding was nice and went smoothly.  The dinner was at Cafe Adobe, so it was a fajita buffet with lots of chips and salsa and queso!  I was happy!

Saturday morning I had my last class of my Master's career.  YAY!!  Luckily we finished before 11, so I had time to come back to the house and ride with Russell back down there.  After I dropped him off, I went and got us some lunch.  It is a Catholic wedding, about an hour and fifteen minutes long, plus pictures and whatnot,until the reception, where I signed up for "tornadoes of beef" and I wasn't sure what that was going to be.  It actually wasn't that bad!  The wedding went well, and the reception was really fun.  Except the power went out for about an hour at the very beginning when we were eating.  So it kinda got a little toasty.  Since Russell was a groomans, we had to stay the whole time, and it was a 5 hour reception, and I had gotten up at 6:30 am.

I got bored a little at the reception and had fun with my camera and Jennifer's bouquet.

Haha so I am watching Julie and Julia right now when I'm blogging.  And she says is anyone reading this.  And she gets a comment and she gets excited that she has a reader.  It turns out it's only her mom.  And Russell goes it's like your blog.  Sad day, so any non relatives out there give a shout out!  Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back by Demand

Sorry it's been awhile, we have been a little busy.   My sister and mom have yelled at me on facebook, so I guess it's about time to update.  Sorry this is going to be long...

So Easter weekend Leslie and Jeremy came down and we went to the Shell Houston Open, its a golf tournament.  They flew down on Saturday morning, their flight was supposed to come in at 8:30 but they ended up being delayed because it was foggy.  That actually worked out well for us, because Russell sold his car that morning.  A guy from San Antonio came in at 8am and bought it so as soon as he left we went to pick them up.  They flew into Hobby airport, and then we had to go to George Bush airport to park- kinda funny.  The golf thing was pretty fun, but it got kinda hot.  We ended up leaving around 3 and headed back to our house for a bit, ate, and then dropped them back off at the airport.  After they left we went over to Cohlby's house to have a crawfish boil.  We had already eaten, but we had a good time hanging out with the Youtseys.

Russell sold his car so we would have some money for a down payment on a new one.  Since I started working, we were able to pay off the debts that we had from our honeymoon, and furniture within just about 2 months.  So now we have no credit card debt, and two incomes, so we have some extra money laying around.  Russells dream has always been to have a fast car.  So he found the perfect one that week.  So the next weekend we up to dallas to pick it up.  This is what we got:

It's a 2002 Corvette, with less than 26000 miles and lots of modifications already done to it.  It's a bit of an up grade from this:

Russell has been having fun showing it off to everybody.  He wanted to go up on Wednesday to get it, but since we both needed to sign for it, and I didn't want to take a sub just to get a car.  So we were able to spend the weekend with my parents.  That weekend my research paper for my Master's was due, so i had to finish that up some.  I was going to go to class that weekend (as opposed to this upcoming weekend) but I didn't, but my friend Cody did.  She called and told me that our social studies cohort that is graduating in May didn't have to present our research in front of several professors.  So that was exciting, especially since I had already taken a sub for that day and so we just hung out and went to lunch instead.  So besides class next weekend, and graduation I am offically done with my Masters!!!!

This weekend I was busy grading projects.  I will never again assign a project on the last week of the six weeks.  I have a tight deadline to grade them, as well as I am still missing quite a few.  I told them that if they didn't turn it in my Friday I wasn't accepting it anymore, so some people will not be happy.  It was due on Wednesday, so they have had plenty of time.  It's crazy to think that there is only 6 weeks left of school.  This next week we will be doing TAKS practice, because the next week is TAKS.  Kinda nervous because the Social Studies TAKS for 10th grade (my students) only has about 17% world history knowledge on it, and a lot of American history stuff that they haven't had since 8th grade. 

It has been saying that it going to rain all weekend, and it didn't until today, which of course is while we are trying to tear down our church and load up in the trailers.  Russell got soaked, and he didn't really get to show off the Corvette.  Oh well.  I guess thats it for now, next time stop being so pushy if i don't update.... I was getting to it.  :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yard Work is Hard Work

Not really, but it was cute and it rhymed.  Last weekend we started our yard transformation last weekend and finished this weekend, or I guess technically its not the weekend, but both me and Russell had Friday off.  In the yeard, we dug up the dirt around the trees and replanted flowers and mulch, and then trimmed back the bushes by quite a bit.  It doesn't sound like a lot, and it didn't really take that long (probably 5 hours total, and 2 trips to Lowes). 

Much better than last years attempt.  Now we just need the grass to come in.