Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas events

It was our first Christmas together as a married couple and it was really fun.  On Christmas Eve we went to church, and then we went around to look at Christmas lights.  This one neighborhood, Prestonwood, does it up really nice.  It's a bunch of culs-de-sac (i think that is the proper way to pluralize that word) and so each cul-de-sac has a different theme, with a buch of cut outs.  At the end of each street, there is an island and there is one big cut out that ties the whole street together, very cool.  However, it had been kind of windy so some of the decorations had blown down.

On Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents.  I got (500) Days of Summer, some new pajamas, and also Russell got me a new camera, a Sony Cybershot, 12.1 mega pixels (over double what my old camer was).  I was very excited about it, I can definietly tell the difference in photo quality.

I got Russell a floor jack, two movies (District 9 and the Hangover). 

I also got him some new slippers (as previously discussed on the blog).  He needed them.  Look at the difference.  He was excited about them!

Rusty also got some new presents, he was excited for all his new toys.  He was down to one ball, now he has two new ropes, a plastic thinggy (hard to describe-lol) and some treats.

After we opened presents, I made pancakes in Christmas shapes.  I was proud of myself, and thought they were cute.

Later on we went to Russell's parents house and had a nice lunch (ham, potatoes, rolls, brocoli cheese casserole).  Then we opened presents there.  We got some nice stuff.  I got some earrings, clothes, some christmas ornaments, and some dvds.  Russell got some Texans stuff, a torque wrench, and some dvds.  We stayed there and hung out and then came home and watched a movie.  It was a great day.  I am jealous that some of my Dallas friends got snow.  (and its snowing there tonight again).  That's alright, hopefully it will make its way down here again.

Monday I went to get my fingerprints done (required by law for Texas educators- which is me!!!).  There are about 15 places to go in HOuston, and the closest one to our house was about 35-40 minutes away.  I mean really?!? There were none in the northwest region.  lame.  It took about 5 minutes to actually do it once I was there.  Which the building was pretty sketchy.  It was in a weird part of town, in a building that looked abandoned.  Oh well, got it done.  Afterwards me and Russell went and saw Sherlock Holmes.  It was really good- better than I thought it was going to be.  I recommend it.  Today Russell had to go back to work :( 

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

In the first light of the new day
No one knew he had arrived
Things continued as they had been
While the newborn softly cried

But the heavens wrapped in wonder
Knew the meaning of His birth
In the weakness of a baby
They knew God had come to earth

As his mother held Him closely
It was hard to understand
That this baby who not yet speaking
Was the word of God to man

He would tell them of His kingdom
But their heart would not believe
They would hate Him and in anger
They would nail Him to a tree

But the sadness would be broken
As the Son of Life arose
And the Firstborn of Creation
Would ascend and take His throne

He had left it redeem to us
But before His life began
He knew He’d come back not as a baby
But as the Lord of every man

Hear the angels as they’re singing
On the morning of His birth
But how much greater will our song be
When He comes again to earth

When He comes to RULE the earth

Merry Christmas from Russell, Stacy and Rusty

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Unexpected Find

So this morning when I woke up, Rusty wanted to go out (which is kinda weird because normally he is good until about 4 or 5pm-- but sometimes he likes to go out when its good weather).  When I went to let him back in, there was another dog in our back yard.  I look around to see where he could of came from, and I noticed that one of the fence slats is loose, and he could of came from the house next door (they have had a lot of company this week, so it could have been a relatives dog).  So i let him inside put on Rusty's leash, and take him next door.  They lady says it isn't hers. 

So I take him back to our house and put him in the back yard, while I can figure out what to do.  Well of course its a little beagle and so it starts barking to be let back inside.  So I wipe him off (a little muddy) and bring him inside.  I take pictures of him, so that I can make a "found" poster.  As I am putting on the finishing touches I hear someone yelling outside (as in calling for a dog).  So I run outside and ask if they are looking for a dog.  She said yes.  So i bring out the dog and she was all happy to have found him.  So for about 30 minutes Rusty had a cute little friend. 

I think Rusty thinks he is a bad friend, everytime he has a friend over they leave. lol.  Oh well, an exciting start to the morning!

Monday, December 21, 2009

What do you think?

What do you think is in this present??

Apparently Russell IMMEDIATELY thinks slippers (or houseshoes whatever you want to call them). He said he didnt' even say in his head "I wonder what that is?" it was an immediate "those are slippers."

How does he do that?  He is SO good at guessing presents.  Every year he does.  Last year he guessed a power drill (and he just guessed he didn't even see a present); however, I did a good enough job covinceing him that he was wrong.  When we first started dating I got him Dave Mathews tickets for his birthday and he guessed those. 

Good thing I have his big present hidden in the guest room closet. . . .

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Lights

Sorry for two posts in one day (though I have realized I haven't blogged as much this month-sorry)

We finally finished putting up all the outside Christmas lights. It took us about 4 days, starting from when Russell gets home to when it gets dark (~1.5 hours). It's been kind of cold here lately, and it was definitely some of the colder days that we worked on it.

Russell working on the roof

What we accomplished after the first day

After the second work day the second peak done

And, apparently if you wait too long Walmart and other places run out of the lights that you need. So we decided to just put multi-colored lights on the upper bushes (it was going to be just red like the bottom).  But I think they turned out well being multi colored on the top.  A little variety!

The final product.  Again, we would of liked to do all the columns, but couldn't find any more rope lights.

And this little guy will welcome you into our home :)

I love Christmastime.  A little dissappointed in our neighbors, none have put up any lights or decorations.  And those that went all out for Halloween, don't seem to have the same sentiment towards Christmas.  Hmm...

It's Official!!

Yesterday I signed my contract, so it's 100% official.  The actual signing was kind of anti-climatic, it was online and you had to do an electronic signature, which basically means you just type your name.  Either way, I"m full time employed.  And even better, is that you only have to work 90 days to count as a full year, and so since there are 100 days in the semester, next year it will say I have taught a full year, and get the pay increase! 

Today, I went and met my team leader, as well as another lady who is starting this semester as well.  She has one year experience, so it's nice to have someone else who is new, and new to teaching.  My TL gave us a binder that had the scope and sequence, notes, TEKS, and other things to help us get started.  And they haven't started planning for the next semester, so we aren't too behind.  Tomorrow there is a retirement party, for the man I am replacing.  I wasn't going to go, because thats kid of akward, but my TL was like oh I'll give you some more stuff at the party.  So I guess I'm going. haha.

Other than that, not much is going on here.  On Sunday we were able to go to the Texans game with Kathy's group from Camp Periwinkle.  For the last three years they have had extra tickets, and we have gotten to go.  It's really nice because its in a luxury suite! 

Every time some of the cheerleaders come up, and lots of the boys (the reason we get to go is because the oldest group of boys from Camp Periwinkle are invited to the game, and we get the leftovers) take pictures with them.  And of course, Russell wanted his pictures with them. lol.

On Monday it was both dad's and Russell's mom's birthday.  We went out eat with Russell's family on Monday night.  It was a fun night, but I miss celebrating with my side of the family.  Happy Birthday to Dad and Kathy!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I GOT A JOB!!!!!

On Tuesday I sent out my resume to all the principals in CyFair again.  I picked (well Russell helped me pick) Tuesday so that they would have time to read through all their piled up emails from Thanksgiving break, and mine wouldn't just get pushed to the back.  Well Tuesday afternoon I got a call from CyCreek asking me to come in and interview on Friday.  I didn't tell to many people just because this summer I had quite a few interviews and had nothing come of it.

On Friday it was snowing(a good sign)!!  Russell called and said I should call the school to make sure that they were still open, because his work was closing early, and one of his friends wife works in Katy ISD and they were closing eatly as well.  So I called and was informed (rather rudely) that they were going to be open.  Leslie (her and Jeremy were in town for the weekend) told me goodluck and that they next time I saw her I could have a job.  I was thinking yeah right.  I have never heard any feedback within like a week, much less a day.

They interview went really well.  It was with the principal, AP, and the social studies department chair.  They seemed impressed that I knew a few teachers there already, and that Russell graduated from there.  Towards the end of the interview Mr. Wells (the principal) told me that they had already interviewed 5 other people for the position and that one had 16 years expreience.  First I was thinking that why would he tell me this, and how can i compete with that. 

He called me about 15 or 20 minutes after I got home, and asked if I had make it home alright (since it was snowing).  Thin he started saying nice things about me, I just thought he was building me up to let me down easy.  He kept talking for awhile and Russell (and I) were on the edge of our seat waiting for him to say yes or no.  Finally (after what seemed like forever), he offered me the position.  Russell started jumping up and down immediately.  Mr. Well's said I could take the weekend to think it over, or accept it right away.  I accepted it right away.lol. 

And when I saw Leslie for dinner, I did have a job!!!  I got the official email from HR today, and in a few weeks they will have me come in and sign the contract (they like to have everyone do it at the same time).  We are so excited.  I will be teaching 10th grade world history, and next year they hope to move me over to economics.  I can't wait, I start in January, so I have a month to get ready and prepare.  I have several boxes in the attic full of stuff for my classroom (pictures, maps, books, etc.) and now I get to get it down and use it.  And I don't have to student teach YAY!!! 

Thanks to all that were praying for this to happen!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

No more squinty eyes

Ok this is just really funny.  I asked if Jeremy could make me less squinty in our family picture, because let's face it i'm squinty in all of them.  This is what he came up with . . . .

I give you permission to laugh for hours....because I did!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We flew up to Dallas on Wednesday night, the flight wasn't bad at all, though it might take 4 hours (when you add time for getting to the airport, and whatnot) but it was much better than driving 4 hours.  Mom and dad picked us up and we went to OTB for dinner.  On Thursday we went to Nannie and Da's house for lunch.  It was nice to have everyone there.  My cousin Eric's kid, Cole was there.  He is just so cute!!

Afterwards, we went to Lauren's house to watch the Aggie game.  Though we didn't win, it was such a good game. It was fun to see Lauren, Mark, Rachel, and Katherine.  Lots of times it is hard to see them when we come for the weekend, because family takes priority.

On Friday the boys (dad, Russell, and Jeremy) went and played golf.  Leslie had to work, so me and mom went to go see New Moon.  We both have read the books, and both have husbands who don't care. lol.  Afterwards, we went shopping.  We went to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target and Mardels.  I was looking for a nativity scene, I liked the one at Mardels.  I also ended up getting part of Russell's present from Target.  So half of one present down, many more to go.  I don't know how some people have already finished their Christmas shopping.

On Saturday we took some family pictures.  I seem to be squinty in all of them.  Go figure, that is why I didn't have an outdoor wedding. lol.

After that we drove back down to Houston with my parents, and grandparents. It took quite awhile since we stopped by the Woodlands to see the babies.  But, I finally got to hold Brady, since last time he was a sleep head and didn't want to be held.  A week later, they are still so cute and still so tiny.

On Sunday my cousin Jeff got married to Maria.  It was a really nice wedding, and it was fun to see everybody from that side of the family again.  After the wedding we went and got Rusty back from Russell's parents.  He was very happy to be back!

Russell took the day off on Monday, so it was nice to have some time together.  We went and got out Christmas decorations.  We had gotten our tree a few weeks ago, which was a good thing because the one we liked was sold out at Hobby Lobby this week.  It was fun to get all the stuff so we can celebrate our first Christmas together as husband and wife.  We didn't get around to putting the outside lights up, we will do that later this week, but we were able to get all of the inside decorations put up.  I love Christmas time!