Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks- but all the sudden my life got busy.  haha.  School has started. 

The first week was just meetings, development, and planning.  On that Monday (the 15th) we had a convocation and met the new superintendent.  That was at the Berry Center, so we all got bused there.  Trust me- teachers aren’t huge fans of busses. lol.  Tuesday we had a district content day.  Everyone who teaches high school social studies met at the same place- and that just happened to be at my school- so that was nice.  It was good to see all my Creek  people again.  Wednesday we did some team building at our school.  We played silly games, but my team came in second- so I get three days of jeans passes- very exciting!!  Thursday and Friday we meetings to train us on our new grade book, new teacher webpages, and new lesson plan system.  You might be thinking that oh what a nice thing to get upgraded on all of these things.  You would be thinking wrong.  They are not upgrades, they are freebies.  To save the district money.  And they are awful- especially the grade book.  The lesson plan system  was supposed to be up and running- and it’s not, now they are saying second six weeks.  So yeah change THREE critical things and then not even make them user friendly or good.  ugh.  Ok done ranting. . . . for now.

This past Monday was the first day of school.  This is my third year teaching and my first first day of school. lol.  It was nice to actually have all my students from the beginning.  Right now I am sitting at 178 kids, and only more will come.  They are adding one more psychology AP class, so the will break down one of the other psyc teacher’s regular psychology class, so I’m sure I will get at least ten or so into my psyc class.  And the are taking away a world history AP class (kids are dropping out of it like crazy- they have already gotten rid of 2 AP classes already).  So I’m sure some of my K (honors) classes will be getting some more (but they are already sitting at 35-37).   I still feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants for psychology, but that’s because the main psyc teacher is also a coach and coaches 1st and 7th, so he is never in his room before or after school, and we have different off periods.  I’m sure we will get in a groove, once they level the classes some.  But it’s still a fun class, the kids seem to really like it.

So far my kids have been really good, and I think it will be a really good year!

Friday, August 12, 2011

It’s Official

Summer is over. 

Today is my last day with nothing to do.  I’m kind of sad.  I know Russell is happy because now we both have to wake up early to an alarm.  Starting Monday I will have a week full of training and planning, and then on the 22nd it’s the first day of school.

This is my first year to actually start on the first day of school!  I am excited.  Even though I got thrown a curve ball last week.  I found out that I will not be teaching Geography like I was told I was, and like I taught last year.  This year I will be teaching 5 sections of World History- which I taught my first year and one section of last year.   I will also be teaching one section of Psychology in the fall, and a section of Sociology in the spring. 

As much as this threw me for a loop, I am excited.  Psyc/Soc is a senior elective class, so it should be fun.  Plus there s a bunch of interesting stuff to teach.    I am a little concerned about World History, they have changed the TEKS (the Texas standards that we teach to) and now we have to go all the way to 2011 (revolutions in Egypt/Libya and the death of Osama bin Laden).  Last year we spent one day on the Cold War/Korea/Vietnam- yes one day total for all of those.  So we are going to be moving at a RAPID pace- I don’t know if my freshman I had last year can work that hard to keep up with the pace this year.   So we shall see!

Well summer 2011 it’s been a blast!  Can’t wait for 290 days, or May 30th 2012 when it will be summer time again!  In the meantime I’m pretty sure this school year will be a blast too!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I think I have a problem

Hi I’m Stacy and I’m an Aveenoholic.  Seriously, I am obsessed with this stuff.  DSC01389

This is what’s on my nightstand.  Six different Aveeno products, and that doesn’t include what’s in the bathroom and shower. 

This stuff is amazing and works well with my sensitive skin- I can’t use anything else.  If you haven’t tried it you need to it’s definitely worth every penny!!