Monday, March 19, 2012

Back from South Africa

We are back from Africa… and even survived work today.  While I’m doing LOADS of laundry and getting everything situated here is the blog from the our trip that can get some of the details from the trip.

Later on in the week I will give more details from our point of view.  Thanks so much for everyone's thoughts and prayers while we were abroad.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Russell’s Accident

Well we had some unexpected excitement on Friday night. 

When Russell was coming home some lady t-boned him.  She was turning into the Walmart parking lot, right at the same time Russell was driving by Walmart.  She hit him on the driver side door and it pushed his car around so that he was up on the curb.

Thankfully he is ok—but the damage to his car is quite extensive. 

Apparently Russell had to climb out through the passenger side door.  People stopped and helped him- which was really nice.  Or it was because he was blocking the whole street.  So if you had to make a u-turn on Friday night by the Walmart…. that was us.

Russell called me after it happened.  I was kind of expecting it not to be a big deal- because he had said he was ok, and because he said he was at Walmart.  So when I came to the scene, I was quite shocked to say the least.  I am just thankful for God’s protection on him.

The lady that hit him tried to escape.  She took off into the Walmart parking lot, and then got in ANOTHER wreck in there.  So obviously she is a mess.  They gave her three tickets, and a warrant for her arrest for fleeing the scene.

The insurance people are going to assess the damage today.  We are all pretty sure it is totaled (trust me Corvette parts are not cheap).  They have already towed it to an insurance auction place- where they sell off totaled car parts.  I will keep you updated…

car 1

car 2

car 5

While we were waiting on the police to figure everything out I asked Russell if he needed one last picture with his car.  He said yes.

car 4