Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crusades and Flu Shots

Yesterday was an eventful day:  I was able to find a sub job at Waller High for a history teacher.  I always want to do social studies, but unfortunately those are few and far between.  It was a last minute absence, so the teacher didn't have the standard worksheets for me.  I actually got to teach!!!!  It felt so good, I will admit I'm not the most knowledgable about the Crusades, but those kids got a good lecture!  A few of the students commented on how I should  be a teacher.  I'm trying kids, I'm trying

To make matters worst, I had interviewed at Waller HS, and the teacher who interviewed me set up the powerpoint for me, remembered me, and was like oh your subbing.  And I just wanted to be like yeah because you didn't hire me!  DUH!

The day was really good, until the last period.  There were four boys that kept throwing colored pencils, markers, and even books across the room at each other.  I told them to stop, like a million times, but I ended up sending them to the principal's office.  My first office referral- I didn't really know how to do it.  One kid told me he would pay me a dollar not too.  haha!  Maybe ten. . . 

So after the drama in 8th period, I went to Russell's work to get my free flu shot.  I got a Daffy Duck bandaid, and a Tootsie Pop.  They know me all to well.  Russell did not get one, if I get the flu because of him I will be mad.  Hopefully that does not happen.

We decided to get Taco Bell for dinner.  I go and get all the way there and the next one to order when I decide I think I have enough in cash to pay for it.  When I lookin my purse, my wallet is not there.  I don't take a purse when I sub, I keep my phone and wallet in my backpack, it's harder to get stolen.  So thankfully there is another lane around the drive-thru line, so I didn't have to sit there and say I forgot my wallet.  So what shoud have been a 10 minute trip turned into a 30 minute one becuase I had to go home, and then back.  Oh well, it was yummy and worth it.

Today has been really rainy.  And supposed to continue to rain tomorrow.  Hopefully I don't float away!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sneaky Dog

Well our precious Rusty is trying to pull a fast one over us.  At the hotel one day he decided to lay on the comforter that we threw at the foot of the bed.  I didn't think too much of it because it wasn't our comforter so I didn't really care.  Well now (granted its been two weeks since this happened) he is trying do that on our comforter- and now I care.  The first night he tried he layed down on it, and I told him no and he went back to his blankets, but in the morning guess where he was? Back on our comforter.  Then the next night he dragged his blankets toward the foot of the bed.  It's always really cute when he drags his blankets somewhere else, so I didn't think anything of it.  Guess where he was in the morning? on our comforter :(  He tried again two nights ago but I folded our conforter to where he couldn't get on it, and made him put his blankets back in the corner.  Who knew three nights of "luxury" on a hotel comforter could lead to bad habits?

Well he is still precious even if he is bad!

I decorated our house for Halloween/Fall.  Since then I have added a larger pumpkin too, but I think it looks good and can last all the way til Thanksgiving.  There are some houses in our neighborhood that have gone way above and beyond normal decorations.  I hope they give out good candy or else that is just disappointing.  I think our decorations go well with our candy.  We have some good candy (Reese's, KitKats, etc.) for the age appropriate kids and some not as good candy (tootsie rolls, taffy, etc.) for those kids who are taller than me that are still trick or treating.   That's my philosophy, if you're taller than me you are too old to trick or treat. lol.

My amazing mother-in-law gave us flowers out of the blue, it was really sweet of her!  But then I found out that she won 4 tickets to the Texans game in a few weeks, and the 4 original McCarthy's will be going, and I will be staying at home.  She tells me the flowers are unrelated...but I'm not so sure.  (Actually I am sure, because the flowers came Friday and she got the tickets on Saturday, just giving her a hard time).  I am blessed to have such amazing in-laws.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Fun Weekends

So both Russell and I had exciting and fun weekends.  Unfortunately they weren't together.

I had a blast hanging out with my favorite Colorado family (and I can say that because my other favorties no longer live in Colorado).  Kristin and I stayed at Leslie and Jeremy's new apartment, so it was fun getting to hang out with just her and spend more time with Leslie than I normally do when we stay at mom and dads.  We did fun things like go to the youth group's Pancake and Karaoke night, and played putt putt.  While I was there I was also able to see Rachel, Amanda, and Lauren.  All at separate times, which made for a busy weekend, but I wouldn't of had it any other way. 

Russell had a fun weekend as well.  He went to Goliad where they had the Texas Mile.  Apparently it is where a bunch of people bring their cars on an old airport runway and they race on the track that's a mile long.  He went with his friend Bill, and they had lots of fun.  Unfortunatly, being out in the sun all day made Russell come home a lobster.  He is very sunburnt :(

This was also a very exiting for a few of my friends.  Katie, my best friend from high school, and one of my bridemaids, got engaged on Friday morning.  Of course, she said yes.  Her and Tommy have been dating for about 4 and half years now.  My former roommate Jill got engaged on Sunday night, to Ross, they have been dating for over 3 years now.  I am super excited for both of them!

It was a very exciting weekend, and a very exhausting one.  I didn't have aj ob lined up for today, which I was fine with.  I was looking forward to sleeping in, and then getting things organized.  I went straight from the hotel for two weeks, to Dallas.  However, I recieved a call this morning at 6:25am for a job, so I took it.  But school starts at 7:25 and I have to be there by 7, and the school was 15-20 minutes away ( which then I got lost and was late ).  So I scrambled to get ready, didn't eat breakfast, and since it was a half day, I didn't pack a lunch.  Thank goodness I threw in a oatmeal cream pie, and a granola bar, because when I was on my way home from that job, I got a call for another one in the afternoon.  I was looking forward to napping when I got home, but I went and "taught" French instead.  I was STARVING when I was finally done for the day.  But money talks and so I work.  Speaking of which, I FINALLY got paid this weekend.  WOOHOO!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Second Honeymoon

We call our time at the hotel our second honeymood, for no other reason than the fact we were in a hotel for a long time.  It was no way reminscent of New Zealand.  The hotel itself wasn't that bad.  But it was weird being away from home but still doing our regular routines.  Russell's training included a Petroleum Engineering class, that had quizzes and tests, which meant studying and homework.  A lot like college again, which Russell was not a fan of. lol.  Last night we were all too eager to check out. In Honor of our second "honeymoon" I am going to post some pictures from our first (I can't believe it's been over 7 months)!

Us in Queenstown on Lake Wakatipu

Milford Sound

Mount Cook (for the one second it wasn't covered by clouds)

Christchurch Cathedral

Tomorrow (the 17th) will be Russell and I's 5 anniversary from when we first started dating.  I can't believe it's been 5 years.  Unfortunately we will not be together on this special day.  I will be going to Dallas today to see my family and the Thiemans.  I'm excited to see them, and glad they are coming to Texas.  We knew they were coming since this summer but I had gotten the dates mixed up and let Russell plan a day trip on Saturday with his friends to Goliad for a Car Race thing.  More posts to come from our respective weekends.  Yay for cooler weather!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Something Scary, Something Hilarious, and Something Exciting

So we are living in a hotel, but Russell forgot his work shoes.  We went back to the house to get them and to put the trashcans back in the garage.  We pulled up and both of us went to get the trashcan and recycling bin and i noticed there was alight coming from the front window.  At first I thought it might be a glare, but then noticed the light was coming out the front door as well.  So I tell Russell.  He goes and looks in the front doors window (he is tall enough to) adn says he doesn't see anyone.  I made him go in with a golf club from the garage and go through the house.  After he goes through the enitre house, I go into our bedroom, Russell jumps out from the bathroom and scares me half to death.  NOT. FUNNY.  I guess we just left the light on when we left yesterday.

Now, onto something hilarious.  We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight and Russell got a little surprise....

He was wearing flip flops and a bird POOPED on him.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Lastly, I am going to be one of Lauren's birdesmaids.  I am super excited!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nothing too Interesting

Well when I started this blog I was wondering if our lives would be exciting enough to have somethign to write about often.  Well this has been a pretty boring week, so if you are bored reading it, well I lived it!

We started our Bible study again this week.  We were supposed to start last week but Carl, our leader, had the flu and was out for a week.  So far we are the only people signed up, besides our leaders Carl and Jennifer, so if you are interested and lve int he Houston area, we meet on Tuesday's at 6:30.

On Friday I went to College Station, for a student teaching meeting.  The actual meeting was on the 18th, but I didn't know about it until about Wednesday.  So I emailed, explained my situation, and was able to watcha video of the meeting and fill out the application in time.  Of the 15 subs in our program only 6 came.  Dr. Kelly, our program director, sent out a link to the student teacing webpage (where the info about the meeting was) at the begining of August, but at that time I was still having a few interviews and didn't pay attention.  It wasn't until I was looking to see when he wanted us to email in our sub sheets, that I noticed it again.  So it was a whirlwind, kinda lame, trip, but necessary.

This weekend we kinda did some fall cleaning instead of spring cleaning.  Russell mowed both the front and back yards, I used our new electric hedge trimmers to trim our hedges.  It worked great!! I was skeptical (and actually made Russell put it back) when he first put it on our cart at Home Depot a few weeks ago.  It's kinda a lot of money for something we wont use all that often.  But after using it, I am a believer.  You can actually see our house now from behind the bushes.

On Saturday we cleaned out the garage.  It was pretty clean anyways but swept out all the grass that had blown in, and swept down the cobwebs in the corners.  We also switched the shelf that was in the laundry room, and kinda big in there, with the small book shelf that was in the garage.  The shelves that are now in the garage can hold everything that was on the book shelf and most all the stuff lining the walls.  They both work better where they are now, and look great.  I also dusted the house, swept, moped, and did three loads of laundry.  Not. Fun.

This should be an interesting two weeks coming up.  Russell has a two week training thing.  If we lived anywhere else he would just be gone for two weeks, but since we live in Houston and that's where the training is, we will all (me, Russell, and Rusty) be living in a hotel for two weeks.  It's mandatory that he stay and since we don't want to be apart for that long, I'm joining.  It's an extended stay hotel, so pets are allowed, it has a full kitchen.  We can always come back and get things from the house if need be.  I wish we had a reason to be out of the house, like perhaps fumagation or something, but no.  So we shall see how it is going to work.

For this training Russell will have homework assignments to do, so I know he is enjoying having to do that again.  He is doing one right now as we speak, and he tried to get me to do it.  I told him I did plenty of his assignments in college when he was too busy (english and ethics, not engineering) and he never did any of mine.  Feel free to text him during the week making fun of his homework.  I know I will be- haha!

And just for kicks!  My two cuties!!