Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School

Well this past week was inservice, and the kids come Monday.  I am very excited for this year.  I am finally able to teach economics.  I am excited to be on such an awesome team.  There are two economics teachers and two government teachers, and together we make up the gov/eco team.  I decided to make them a little something for the beginning of the year.  A little mod podge and scrapbook paper can make the cheapest of clipboards cute!




SO for the third year in a row I am changing my room decorations (hey! at least I’m not changing rooms every time).  Here is my room this year.






My framed money looked great on the wall.  However, when we came back from lunch, one had fallen and broke.  So I took the other one off the wall as a precautionary measure, and put it on top of my filing cabinet.  I will have to fix the other.  Here is what they looked like before I took them up to school.


Happy 2012-2013 School Year!

Football time already!

You can tell summer is ending since football is coming back in full swing!

We got some tickets to the Texans game last Saturday night.  Even though it was preseason- it was fun, and it was a win!





Amanda came with us!  The guy sitting next to her left at half time, and left a full thing of popcorn under the seat.  After about a quarter and half of her saying she wanted to eat it, we finally pulled it over during the 4th quarter, after we scored and everyone was celebrating (and not watching/judging us). lol.


Russell’s family came too, but this is the best picture we could get.


Also, we had our fantasy football draft on Thursday.  Hopefully I can take it all again like I did last year!!


Go McCarth-a-trons!!!

The Thieman’s Come to Texas

A few weekends ago, our friends the Thieman’s came to visit.  We have known their family since I was probably 7.  We came up to Dallas for their visit and went to a Ranger’s game.



yes! we married dorks


Love this family!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Passing Through

Two weekends ago Leslie came down for a few days.  It was nice to see her.  On Monday we were able to hang out by the pool and relax. 

On Tuesday I rode back to Dallas with Leslie.  On our way up we stopped in College Station to have lunch at La Bodega.  Then we stopped by campus to have a look around.

The Century Tree


Academic Building


Leslie and I in front of the water tower


I was able to spend some time with my parents.  Their kitchen is being redone (to be completed any day now).  So some of the time I was wondering around Rowlett/Garland as to not be in the way.  On Thursday night mom hosted a Thirty One party.  I think my free ride to Dallas was made up for by what I bought. lol.

On Friday I was able to catch a ride back down with Heather, and we convinced Lauren to come too!  We also stopped in College Station for dinner at Koppe Bridge.  This time we checked out the newly renovated MSC.  It was weird seeing some of the old things, and lots of new things.




And because Aggies love their tradition…. it was great for us to discover that in all the newness they still kept this:


I like how they put a toilet paper roll in there like we are supposed to know what to do in there.  lol.

I love Texas A&M and am now super pumped for football season!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Rusty Puppy

Rusty has really bad allergies.  He is on a daily steroid pill to maintain them.  Because the vet thinks that it is a food allergy he is on a grain free, meat free, vegan diet.  And I just want to say that it is hard to find vegan food for a dog.  No worries, I found some (granted it is at Petco, not Petsmart that is is 3 minutes from our house).


For the most part Rusty likes it- he definitely likes it better with a bit of the canned stuff stirred in.  This also means that he is no longer getting some people food- which is does NOT like. 

Vegan food is also expensive.  So I found a recipe online for homemade dog treats and I tweaked it for Rusty’s needs.

IMG_0393 Flax seed flour (instead of wheat flour) and veggie baby food (I used sweat potato and peas and carrots.  And then I added a little bit of parsley since it supposed to help with bad breath.


1 cup of flax seed + 1 jar baby food = easy yummy treats.


All I had was Christmas cookie cutters, so the stars are peas and carrots, and the candy canes are sweet potato.  Rusty doesn’t mind.  He is one happy (less allergic) puppy!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three Generations

Last weekend my mom and grandmother came down to visit.  It was nice for them to be able to break away from their husbands to take a tour of Houston.  On Friday they stopped by College Station to visit Grandmother’s sister.  On Saturday we swung by The Woodlands to see my cousins and their children.

Me and Lyla


Typical. lol. 


Me and Marcus


Mom, me and Grandmother


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mystery of the Chilean Money

So while I was up in Dallas I asked to look at all our family’s foreign money.  For my economics classroom next year, I want to make a display of some sort of a whole bunch of foreign money.

Dad gave me a whole bunch in a bag, so I went through and sorted them.


We had a bunch from our trip to Europe we took back when I was in high school (before they changed to the Euro).  Dad had some from Australia, since he goes there for work a lot.  And some from Ecuador from when he lived there for a few months before I was born.  However, there was also a bunch from Chile.  Nobody in our family has been there.  Very mysterious.


And we even had one random one from Ireland, which we can only assume got accidently given to us while in England. It is also a mystery, but there is only one, whereas there is probably 10 Chilean coins.



If you have any foreign money you would like to donate, please let me know, I still want to add to the collection.