Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

I meant to post this about two weeks ago, when it was actually my birthday, but life has gotten busy since then.  I turned 25 on February 13.  I am now officially in my mid twenties.

My parents came in for my birthday weekend.  On that Saturday, Russell had to go into work, but me mom and dad hung out and played some wii.  Then when Russell came back we went to the driving range.  And that confirmed that I am still no good at golf. lol.  But mom, dad, and Russell have all had lessons and did well.  Later that night we went Cheesecake Factory and met Russell's parents there and my friend Amanda.  It was lots of fun to hang out with all of my friends and family... plus I love Cheesecake Factory!

On my actualy birthday, on Sunday, it was a little less exciting.  After mom and dad left it was a normal Sunday with me grading papers, doing laundry, and going grocery store.  Thanks to everyone who told me happy birthday, and sent me cards.  I am very blessed :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power On Power Off

So today started out crazy...

For the second day in a row the power went out while I was getting ready.  Unlike yesterday when it came back on it about 2 minutes, it stayed off for the rest of the time I was getting ready.  Good thing I had already straightened my hair, and had just put the finishing touches on my make up.  So I continue in the dark with my flashlight, and make my lunch.  Then I wait a few minutes to see if it was going to come back on so I could get out of the garage. 

The reason this would be a problem was because I had accidentally left my phone in my desk at school, and we don't have a house phone.

So I finally realize the power is not going to come back on.  So I go out to the garage and try to open the door manually.  I unlocked it and pulled.... and pulled.  So I thought maybe I turned the lock the wrong way, and I pulled... and pulled.  Nothing was working.  So I decide maybe it's easier from the outside.  So I go through the front door and try using my house key to open it...yeah it didn't even fit in the hole.

At this point I am gettin gvery frustrated.  Nothing is working.  I have no phone, and it's getting closer and closer to time to get to work.  How do I even call to say I'm running late?  I am debating on if I should ring a neighbors doorbell to either ask for help or borrow their phone.

I go back inside and try one more time inside.  I remember Russell showed me once how to do it (but obviously I'm forgetting).  Then I remember he did something up high.  So I look up and see the red cord staring at me in the face.  However, so some of it is cut off so I can't read the directions.  But I pull it anyway.  And lo and behold that was my key to freedom.

On my way to work everything is dark, no lights, not even flashing.  The school is on generators.  But by 1st period they had us back on power.  But apparently Texas has decided to do rolling blackouts.  We had it go out for at least 4 times.  Which always makes for an interesting day.  They have one light in every classroom on generator, so you can still work.  But it's hard to convience kids that you can work. lol.  When it happened in 1st period, I finished up what I was talking about, and we had about 5 minutes left, and they came around a said that we would stay in 1st for awhile.  So we played Heads Up Seven Up (well technically three up, because that class is small) and hangman.  It was fun, they are a good class.

In every other class period we were able to do the work, but the kids did not want to.  I'm not going to lie I didn't really want to either, but the show must go on.  Luckily, the cafeteria was able to get enough power to make the lunches.  If they still plan on doing the rolling outages tomorrow, more than likely we wont have school, but who knows.

Good luck to the rest of you that are in the cold and snow... stay safe dream of 100* summer that inevitably we will be complaining about in 6 months ;-)