Monday, April 23, 2012

A little bit of Africa

Here is a video that Jeremy put together of our time in Africa.  I am still working on a presentation, but this will have to do for now!

South Africa 2012 from Jeremy Taylor on Vimeo.

Periwinkle Gala

On Saturday night, Russell and I had the opportunity to go to the Periwinkle Gala.  Russell’s mom, Kathy is on the board for the Periwinkle Foundation, which is a camp for kids with cancer.  Every year they have a fundraising gala to help raise funds so kids can go to camp.  This years theme was circus.  And we were met out front by this guy:




Complete with marching band.


Some impressive balloon work (better than anything we could do in Africa)

It was a fun night.  There were some carnival game.  For $50 you could go “fishing” for a gift bag.  Russell won a camera!!  And a strong man competition.


Inside the ballroom there was a silent auction going on.  Russell and I got in on the action.  In the end we didn’t end up winning any of our bids.


After dinner they also had a live auction.  I will just remind you that the most of the people here were doctors, so one of the items (a private jet ride) went for $22,000.  Russell and I were a bit out of our league. 

They also bid for campers.  Starting off with $10,000 to sponsor a whole cabin (it costs $1000 per camper).  Russell and I finally joined in for half a camper. lol.  Hey we tried!

We had a blast! 


On Friday out church put together an event called C3, which stands for Coffee, Calories, and Conversation.  It is an event for women.  I had never been, but one of the ladies at church asked if I would be a table leader to represent Fry Road.  I said ok.  I asked my friend Cody to come with me. 


Over 400 ladies signed up to be there.


My table!


Our calories for the evening.

It was a fun night, it was great to meet some ladies from the Jones Road campus.  It reminded me a lot of my ASC (Aggie Sisters for Christ) days.  I am definitely looking forward to going to more women's ministry events at church!

First Worship

Last Sunday we were able to meet out at our church’s property to have a worship service and pray over the land.  A couple of months ago our church voted 96% yes to go ahead and start building on the 100 acres.  For the longest time this is all we saw on the property.


However, last Sunday they set up a big tent and invited the leaders at both the Jones and Fry Road campus to come out.




Lots of people excited about what God is doing in Cypress!!

Then we were able to walk around the property and pray over it.  We were lucky and prayed with the Mathew’s family. 


We are devoted to expanding the mission!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

March Madness

I know this is late, and I have been slacking with the blogging, but I just wanted to share that I won our family NCAA bracket!!

I was in last place pretty much the whole time until the very end.

stacy's bracket

Still waiting for my family members to send me my $$$ !!!!