Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little humor for ya…

To brighten up this humpday I thought I would post some funnies I found this week.

I’m probably the only one that finds these hilarious.


And in the midst of all my grading(see post below)- I find this especially true.


Happy Wednesday Smile

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

B-Day and V-Day

Well it’s official, I am in my *late* twenties.

I turned 26 yesterday.  One of my coworkers asked if I was turning 29 again and I was UGHHH NO I’m not even 29 once. lol.  Oh well- he’s kinda old.

My students had projects due on Monday- so they all knew it was my birthday.  When I assigned it last week I was like “ok everyone write down this at the top- DUE Monday, February 13th, Mrs. McCarthy’s birthday…buy her presents”.  HAHA/  I had a few that were like if we get you something is it extra credit- I said no, but I would love them forever.

I still had a few that went and got me something.  Two girls gave me tape.  We tape everything in (all worksheets, review sheets, homework, etc) into our notebooks.  I always yell at them when they waste the tape.  mainly because they like to ball it up in their fingers to stick it on the desks- but also because it can be expensive.  So I got some new tape!!!


Also, some M&Ms!!


Two of my super sweet, yet very crazy boys got me…. well  I don’t really know what to call it… a smorgasbord present. lol.  Maybe I better just show you.


Well to start it’s in an empty Airheads box (I don’t’ know where they got it).  So there is a bag of chips and star bursts so that’s nice.  And $2 (cash is always nice).  Also some of MY markers and colored pencils, Coach Rizzo’s (the wrestling coach next door- and yes these are wrestling boys) white board eraser and two markers (which I tried to give back to him today, but he said it was my birthday I could keep them lol).  And a rolled up water bottle wrapper (which actually hurts when you blow it an someone), and what I thought was socks (gross) but it’s actually it’s gloves (because it’s cold).  HAHAHA I love them, and they said sweet things to me (read the card) but then at the bottom it said free 100.  yeah right Smile

Russell got me an edible arrangement.  It was very nice, Also, he got some chocolate covered strawberries and apples extra.  I love that the pineapples say 26 at the top!  Also, he got me a Kohl’s gift card!!!  We went to On The Border (where else?) for dinner- yummy!


I also got several cards, gift cards, and calls from my wonderful friends and family.

Today is Valentine’s day.  I always forgot what Valentine’s day is like in high school- but then I quickly remember…. BIG balloon bouquet, GIANT (and I mean GIANT, almost life size) teddy bears, flowers, and lots of candy.  It’s annoying.  Think of everything they have at Walmart- and every teenage boy buys it all. 

Russell got me this:


We went on Sunday to Target to get cards.  When we were waiting in the checkout line I added these to the basket- lol.  I’m excited- I didn’t get to see Breaking Dawn in theaters, we went and saw the Muppet Movie instead. AND they don’t sell that flavor of gum at Walmart anymore so I got excited for it.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful day with their loved ones.

Anyone want to help me out with this???  I don’t understand why not?!?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Four Years ago today….

Russell asked me to marry him.  And I said YES.  Best decision of my life!!




Blame Jeremy….

So I have been waiting to post – because  have been waiting on Jeremy to send me a picture.  I’m assuming 3 weeks later it’s not going to happen.  So here is what we have been up to the last few weeks….

Three weekends ago I went up to Dallas to help with a dress sale, as a fundraiser for South Africa.



We had over 300 dresses donated, and probably a third of them sold.  We made quite a bit of money, and plan on having another sale at the end of February.  I am so proud of my sister for planning and doing all the work. 

(insert picture of me, mom, and Les- that Jeremy took and apparently doesn’t want to share- lol)

That weekend, Russell decided not to come with me.  Dad was still out of town, and Jeremy had plans- so I had to drive up there all by myself.  Dad came back from being in Europe for three weeks, so when he came back on Saturday, of course he wanted some OTB!  So Kristi was my date, instead of Russell.  And then CiCi’s for lunch on Sunday- haha.

The next weekend was Super Bowl Sunday, and Super Saturday at church.  We went have been meeting in a middle school for three years now.  Every week we set up and load everything out in carts – and after three years we have accumulated a lot of stuff. Super Saturday was a day to come in and steam clean ALL the floors (that we roll out every week to protect the gym floors).


And we cleaned out the preschool carts, and all their toys.   I didn’t take any picture of the before./after of my cart- but it looks SOO much better.  We threw away a lot of broken toys and put some into storage that will be great when we have a building, but don’t really need now.  We cleaned all the toys and organized them.  It was HARD work (especially the floors) but it was very much needed.  They also announced that they plan on starting to build our building this year- we vote next week to approve all the plans!!  Can’t wait.

On Super Bowl Sunday we had Russell’s family over.  Kathy brought over her Africa pictures- she recently got back from a work trip to Botswana.  It made Russell and I even more excited to go.  She had some amazing pictures from the safari they took.

This weekend, on Friday we had a party for all the children’s workers at church.  We met at the Bridgeland pavilion- it was a really nice place.  Lots of picnic tables, bathrooms, and a fire place.  And we needed the fireplace because it got cold this weekend.  It was fun to have the kids running around, playing the bounce house.  While the adults got to hang out and talk, eat hotdogs and chicken sandwiches, and even made smores. 

It has been fun the last few weekends.  Yesterday we just laid around the house.  I have been under the weather for the last few weeks, on a steady diet of cough drops, Dayquil and Nyquil.  Just when I thought I was getting over it, Russell is coming down with it.  So hopefully his doesn’t last as long as mine did. 

Tomorrow is my birthday and less than a month until South Africa!!!