Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brady and Olivia's First Birthday

Last weekend we got to go see the most adorable twins turn one.  It's hard to believe they are already that old.  Brady and Olivia are my cousin Jenny's twins, they live in the Woodlands.  They had a great turn out for their party.  It was a lot of fun.  It was great to see all of that side of the family, and Dwain and Denise and their kids came down for the celebration.
It was safari themed, and they even had a bounce house for all the other older kids that were there.

Me and Brady!

Olivia liked playing on some of her gifts

eating some yummy cake, after Olivia discovered that yes she could eat it, Brady figured that out right away

Emma enjoying some bubbles

Opening presents

And the newest addition to the Smith side of the family, Lyla!

My Favorite Clark Sisters

A few weeks ago we went up to College Station to see Heather and Michelle.  Heather had come down to go to the Tech game.  Since College Station is only an hour away, we didn't mind going up after the game (which we won!) to see them.  We went and picked them up after the game and we went out to eat.  We actually went all the way to Bryan to eat, since CS gets super crazy crowded on game day.  Afterwards we went over to Michelle apartment and hung out some.  I really miss the college days when all our friends were within ten minutes of each other.  Now we are all scattered out all over the nation and hae real jobs that take up all of our time.

Happy Belated Halloween

Sorry school has gotten crazy, so sorry this is like two weeks late. 

Halloween goes big in our neighborhood.  I have already shown you a picture of wolfman that comes out every year.  But I think this tops it all.

We decorated a little, but more on the inside, and it's more fall than Halloween.