Friday, September 24, 2010

Where's Rusty?!?

He wanted some privacy..... that or the curtain ate him- lol

All Night Party

  Last Friday we helped chaperone our church's all night party. I wouldn't necessarily call it a lock-in because we went to the University of Houston's rec center for most of the night. The kids started arriving to the student building around 7. They have on their property a sand volleyball court, skate park, basketball court, ping pong, and various gaming stations. Russell and I's job was to man this bounce house/obstacle course monstrosity.

At 8:30 they brought all the kids in from outside. They had a guy that gave a concert, mostly clean pop songs, but then they presented the gospel and there were probably 20 or so kids that raised their hand to accept Christ. So that was awesome to see. There were over 500 kids there! Afterwards we went to the U of H rec center. It is very nice and new. There they had basketball, rock climbing, volleyball, racketball, swimming, soccer, handball, ddr, and lots of board games. It was a lot of fun, though I was definitely tired. So were some of the kids, they were asking if there was a place to go to sleep, and the answer was no. lol. We left U of H around 6:30, and we were ready to go home and crash, which is what we did. Luckily we were able to get back to our normal sleep schedules by the time Monday rolled around.

at the beginning of the night
around 4:00 am

Monday, September 13, 2010

Russell is an Old Man

This Sunday was Russell's 26th birthday.  He is officially no longer in his early twenties.  And since the ranch he has been acting a little like an old man.  He fell in the river and scraped his knee pretty bad, and his back has been hurtin because of the bed.  haha.  On Sunday we went over to Russell's parents house to celebrate and to watch the Texans game.  He was SUPER excited that the Texans won, to say the least.  Kathy made some lasagna and some alfredo penne for me.  Russell got some great gifts this year.  His parents and Tony gave him a Bryan Cushings jersey, and ipod home speakers.  I got Russell a watch and our new Cannon t2i camera is on it's way!  He also got some cards in the mail from friends and family.  We also celebrated Tony's birthday, since his is in a few weeks, and Kathy will be at camp that weekend.  Tony got a Kindle, and needless to say I am thoroughly intrigued.... it might appear on my Christmas list.

Russell might be getting to go to Chicago for a manufacturing engineering conference (or something like that) this week.  His boss brought it to him today, and they are going to price it out tomorrow, and he could be leaving Wendesday.  I'm excited for him if he gets to go, because I have never been to Chicago, but will be sad that he leaves... I'll keep you posted!

Fun Weekends

The last few weekends have been great.  Normally our weekends are pretty boring, just enjoying our days off.  But two weekends ago, we went to the Youtsey's ranch for Labor Day.  It is always fun going out to the ranch.  It was even more nice this time, because it was a long weekend, so we don't feel like the drive might not be worth it.  But it was this time.  It was nice and cool for the most part the whole weekend.  On Saturday night we went to the Doss County Volunteer Fire Department Fish Fry.  I wish I had brought my camera with me, because it was quite an experience.  There is probably 500 people in that city, and there were well over 1500 people there.  The line was super long, and immediately they would hand you a class of beer. lol.  Too bad I don't like beer.  And for the entertainment was little grandma playing the accordian and grandpa playing the quitar and doing the drum and cymbal with his knees.  They were actually very good.  I think my grandparents would have enjoyed it very much (minus the Kegs of LoneStar beer).

On that Sunday we went down to the river (the Llano runs right by them, but we went to the James river- i think).  It was pretty low so we didn't try to float, we just took the lawn chairs and stuck them in the middle.  It was nice to be out side but still be cool because of the water.  We ate a lot of pistachios and cookies out there.  Luckily I applied and kept reapplying sunscreen.  Morgan didn't do as she was told and got very burnt.

On Tuesday after Labor Day my school, Cy Creek, had a grand reopening since all of the constuction is done.  Since Russell and Morgan went there, we went to the ribbon cutting ceremony.  I have only known my school under construction or finished, so it was funny to hear their comments.  They were constantly trying to figure out where they were. 

Morgan's birthday was on Wednesday, so Cohlby came down to Houston this past weekend, so we got to hang out with them two weekends in a row.  On this past Saturday we went over to Cohlby's and hung out at the pool all day.  Unfortunatly Morgan was still recovering from her burn, so we sat in the shade with a tshirt and sweat pants on- lol.  Cohlby kept asking when we would move up to the DFW area, and I said well three out of the four of us live in HOuston, so hopefully we can convience him to come down here- though I don't think he ever will. :(

Long Time No See (my fault not yours)

Sorry I have been bad about updating lately. I thought about updating when school started but I didn't really have anything to report. I was put on the excess list at the end of last year, because there were too many teachers at my school. I had a contract with the district, and any school that needed a social studies teacher, I could be pulled there. Well, that didn't happen. So I was sent back to my school as a Response to Intervention teacher. There were several of us "leftovers" around the district that were put into the RTI position. Unfortunately, nobody knows what that means or what to do with us. So I was put with our campuses Academic Achievement Specialist. And she is a nice enough lady; however, I was doing all of her work while she was just checking her emails- not fun. Luckily, the Director of Instruction Helping Teacher's office was right next door, and she is an awesome lady and she kept telling me the admin team would be meeting about me to discuss my job description. She was definitely my advocate! And last week I finally got a job description.

On Mondays and Fridays I will be team teaching with a Geography teacher who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be gone a lot of days with chemo. I hate the fact that she has cancer, and she has a 86% chance of survival so that's good. But I am glad that I am in a position to help her out. On Tuesday I will be team teaching with a World History teacher. I am a little upset by this, because he is the coach that came in even though there was me plus another world history teacher on the excess list. He is struggling because he has been out of the high school general ed classroom for a while (he was middle school special ed). But that's ok I guess, it gets me back in the classroom. On Wednesdays I will be subbing for Social Studies teachers who will be participating in peer coach (i.e. observing how other SS teachers teach and learning from it). And on Thursdays I will be observing teachers and working with any kids that need serious help in SS. I am very glad that all my work will be with the SS team and no longer up front with the admin.

So far a week into my new job description, things have been going well. Though it’s not idea, it is working a whole lot better. On a side note, our raises kicked in, as well as my master’s stipend, and my pay check got a whole lot bigger (though I think some of it had to do with the fact that since I started in December last year, I wasn’t getting a full salary), so that’s been exciting!!