Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mystery of the Chilean Money

So while I was up in Dallas I asked to look at all our family’s foreign money.  For my economics classroom next year, I want to make a display of some sort of a whole bunch of foreign money.

Dad gave me a whole bunch in a bag, so I went through and sorted them.


We had a bunch from our trip to Europe we took back when I was in high school (before they changed to the Euro).  Dad had some from Australia, since he goes there for work a lot.  And some from Ecuador from when he lived there for a few months before I was born.  However, there was also a bunch from Chile.  Nobody in our family has been there.  Very mysterious.


And we even had one random one from Ireland, which we can only assume got accidently given to us while in England. It is also a mystery, but there is only one, whereas there is probably 10 Chilean coins.



If you have any foreign money you would like to donate, please let me know, I still want to add to the collection.


Last week I was able to go to high school camp with Lake Pointe.  I had gone two years ago and had lots of fun, so I was looking forward to it.  And I am going to say I had more fun this year than two years ago.

Camp is in Orange Beach Alabama, which is always so beautiful.


One day we were eating dinner out on the balcony and saw some dolphins.  If you look closely you can see them.  There were about 8 or so of them.


However, this year we had some bad weather.  Here are some of the groups shots while we were trying to take massive group shot (over 500 high schoolers came to camp), excuse our crazy hair, because it was very windy.  Here are the girls from my condo:




Here are the leaders from Firewheel.


Worship was awesome, and the rec games were fun.  However, my group could never seem to win (story of my life). 



The ride home gave the name Journey a whole new meaning.  It ended up taking us 20 hours to get home, instead of just 12 like it should.  We left around 10am Sunday morning and I got home 6am Monday morning.  It was pouring down rain when we left, so traffic was bad, and everyone was driving real slow.  Then we randomly made a wrong turn and we ended up on a dirt road.  Also some of the busses’ bathrooms didn’t work so stops took forever. 


Hey we eventually made it home, kids go saved, and that’s really all that matters :)

Summer So Far

Well so far it’s been a busy summer.  I have yet to have a day off.  I went to up Dallas to go to high school camp with Jeremy (see post above).  I went ahead and flew up two days early so I could spend some time with my family.

On Tuesday Leslie and I went to see the grandparents.  Here is a picture of us with grandmother and granddaddy.


That evening was when Venus crosses in front of the sun.  Dad helped set up the binoculars so we could see it.



That small tiny dot is it!!  Happens only twice every 120 years, and it happened 8 years ago as well, so that’s it for another 120 years.

While I was at camp my baseball team won the state championship!!!!  So was updating the website like a madwoman to check the score.  When I came back I watched it, and even though I knew the outcome it was still exciting.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

School’s Out!

Well it is official.  It is summer.  It has been a pretty good month of May.  Some exciting things have been happening at school.  First off I had 100% passing rate on the TAKS test!!  I was genuinely worried about a few students, but they managed to pull through!

Second, next year I will be teaching economics!!  As many of you know I majored in economics in college, and that is where I ultimately wanted to me.  However, I knew I had to bide my time until I could get there. I’m just glad is was sooner than later.  I love world history, but I am so excited about economics.  Here is a picture of the girls on my new team, when we were at graduation.


And lastly, I have been spending some of my weekends going to the baseball games.  The baseball team has made it through all the rounds of the playoff and are going to the state tournament in Round Rock next weekend.  I have about 6 kids on the team (and four who start) so that is exciting- because I know them but also because it means they will still be good next year as well.


This was when we beat Clements- I really thought that I was going to due since there was no screen for the foul balls.

The last games were played at University of Houston.  I went to the one on Friday night and they sealed their trip to state on Saturday.


bb 1

bb 2

bb 4

Some of the teachers are planning on going to Round Rock.  I will be in Alabama helping Jeremy with high school camp.  But don’t worry I have people who will be updating me on the scores!