Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mystery of the Chilean Money

So while I was up in Dallas I asked to look at all our family’s foreign money.  For my economics classroom next year, I want to make a display of some sort of a whole bunch of foreign money.

Dad gave me a whole bunch in a bag, so I went through and sorted them.


We had a bunch from our trip to Europe we took back when I was in high school (before they changed to the Euro).  Dad had some from Australia, since he goes there for work a lot.  And some from Ecuador from when he lived there for a few months before I was born.  However, there was also a bunch from Chile.  Nobody in our family has been there.  Very mysterious.


And we even had one random one from Ireland, which we can only assume got accidently given to us while in England. It is also a mystery, but there is only one, whereas there is probably 10 Chilean coins.



If you have any foreign money you would like to donate, please let me know, I still want to add to the collection.

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