Sunday, January 15, 2012

Go Texans

In honor of the Texans making the playoffs we had a Go Texans day at work for the last two Fridays.  So I am hoping that they can pull it off against the Ravens today, so I will post this to give them some extra motivation!!!!


This is a few of the teachers I work with in our Texans jerseys.  Yes both me and the lady in the red were borrow Russell’s jerseys, that is why they eat us. lol.

texans 1

This picture is from a few years ago when we had gone to a game. Its Russell’s favorite.



Year of Dates

One of Russell’s Christmas presents this year was a Year of Dates.  And yes, this was a pinterest inspired gift.  He received a basket of envelopes, on for each month, that had a preplanned date activity.  And each contains everything we need for the date.



So yesterday we went on our January date.



We went to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to see the King Tut exhibit.  It is the last time it will ever be outside of Egypt again, and it’s last stop was Houston.  A couple of other teachers had said it was really good, so I was excited to check it out.  Now, I know this date was probably more up my alley than Russell’s, but I knew he would like it as well.



It was a pretty good exhibit.  I know they had extracted over 1,000 items from his tomb, and we were a little disappointed they didn’t have a TON of stuff, but they did have a lot, and the most important stuff.  We were also disappointed that they didn’t have the sarcophagus- they had one of the small ones that contained his stomach, but not the large one that actually contained his body.  But I can understand if it is solid gold, it is very valuable and hard to ship.  But other than those two things it was very fun, educational, and interesting.  We had a blast.

photo 2


Then we walked around the rest of the museum and saw some of the other art they had.  Then we headed back to Cypress because we were meeting some college friends for dinner.  My old rooommate Katie and her husband live in Richmond, and Krystal (my old bible study leader) and her husband just moved back to Cypress.  They are both really great, and so are their husbands, so I’m sure we will make it a regular thing.

I wont say what the rest of the years dates are since they are still a surprise for Russell.  So stay tuned for the rest of the dates!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

All Shotted Up

For those of you that don’t know … Russell and I are going to South Africa on mission trip over Spring Break.

Because of this, we needed to get some shots.  So on Tuesday we went to the doctor to get our shots.  Russell had to get Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, and he was due for his Tetanus.


I was also due up for my Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Typhoid and I went ahead an got my flu shot.  I had two on each arm.  And my arms were very sore the next day, and even a little today.



Jeremy called us today and said we are getting a lot of support for the trip.  We are probably about 60% there.  If you are interested in supporting us let us know!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Fantasy Football

This year I was in two fantasy football leagues.  One with some guys from church, where I did TERRIBLE.  And the other was with the six “Roddy’s” (mom, dad, Les, Jeremy, me and Russell).  In the Roddy league I did AWESOME!! 

Russell said I picked the best league to be good in, because the Roddy league actually had some money on it.  At the beginning of the season we all went and bought a $25 gift card.  The winner gets all the gift cards, except the one they bought which goes to the 2nd place person.

I made it to the championship game.  And it was a nailbitter.  Good thing Drew Brees was going for the record because…..




I now have to think of things to buy from Pennys, Best Buy, Target, iTunes, and OTB!!!


Good season, a lot of ups and downs, but lots of fun!!!  Looking forward to taking my family’s money again next year Smile

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.  We had a fantastic two weeks of spending time together and with family and friends. 

The way the holidays fell this year, Russell was able to take 2 weeks off with only 5 days.  So he had the exact same break I did.  It was nice having time together just to relax and do nothing.


On Christmas we had Russell’s family over.  However, Max woke up with vertigo, so he ended up having to stay at home.  But Kathy and Tony made their way over and we had a nice ham lunch with all the fixings.  Russell and I had opened stockings in the morning, but waited to open presents until we did with the family.  Santa was very good to us this year, was very blessed by so may loved ones!DSC01776

My family came down the Thursday after Christmas.  Leslie had to work through Christmas so they came down as soon as her 7 days off started.  We celebrated Christmas Thursday night.  On Friday the boys played golf (go figure) and s ladies did some shopping.  Saturday we watched the Aggies gang up on Northwestern!!  And Sunday after church they had to leave to go back.

Both Russell and I went back to work on Tuesday, luckily though the kids didn’t come until Wednesday.  It has been an adjustment getting back on schedule, but I am confident it will be a great semester!!