Saturday, December 17, 2011

And now the outside

So after several weekends of work, we have most all of the outside decorations up.  We have a few things that we bought this year for the porch and columns- but honestly I don’t think they are going to make it up this year.  And that’s ok.  There is only one more week until Christmas!

This year we added the red lights around the garage and the lights coming down on the right side.  And all the bushes are red lights, unlike last year only the uppers were read and the lower bushes were multicolored.  This was mainly because we could only find multicoloreds last year.  I found some more reds this year.  We also added an angle to the front porch.  Russell thinks she looks kinda cheap- I like her.




This year, and the discovery of pinterest, I have done some Christmas crafts.  You have already seen the ornaments.  Now I have made these cute little snowmen.




I suppose I should get a Christmas rug to go on the porch now.  Perhaps there will be some on sale after Christmas.  That’s where I normally get stuff for the next year.  So stay tuned Smile

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis the Season

So the Christmas season is here.  This Christmas I am feeling crafty.  Well actually there is this website – it will make you want to be crafty.  I saw several ornaments that were really cute and they make it seem like its not that hard.  So I went out to Hobby Lobby got my supplies and got started.  Here are some of my creations:










Inside is officially decorated… hopefully tomorrow after church we can get up on the roof and put up the outside lights…

Friday, December 2, 2011


This week we got a whole week off for Thanksgiving!  It was awesome.  Technically Monday and Tuesday were bad weather days (if we had a hurricane this year). 

I went to Dallas on Monday, since a weekend is never long enough to see everyone.  Monday I met up with Dad for dinner.  Apparently Leslie said she was coming too, but neither dad nor I knew that so when I saw her walk by (Ggnghis Grill at the mall) I stood up and waved and made a scene- but she was coming all along.  HAHAHA. oops.    After dinner dad and I went to see J. Edgar.  It was not good- nothing like we thought it was going to be… so weird

On Tuesday I met up with Lauren and Heather for lunch at Panera Bread.  Then we went and hung out at Heathers new house.  Then we went to the Galleria and walked around, shopped, and had fun.  We ended up having dinner as well.  It’s been so long since we have had two meals together.  We used to do it all the time in college.  I miss the days when we complained that I was 10 minutes away from their apartment. 


On Wednesday Leslie and I headed to Greenville to see Grandmother and Granddaddy.  We met up at their apartment to have lunch and ran some errands with Grandmother and then went to see Granddaddy, but he was in the middle of a therapy session so we didn’t stay too long.  But it was great to see them.  I miss them.

On Thursday we went to nannie and Da’s for Thanksgiving.  On our way over though we had a family photo shoot.


Then mom and dad went to see Grandmother and Granddaddy, so we killed some time at a gas station.  Russell saw a scratch off machine and wanted to buy a lotto ticket, but only had $4, so Leslie chipped in the last dollar.  They won ($10) so they both doubled their money and were SUPER excited!


While we were at Nannie and Da’s we got to meet my newest second cousin (I think that is what she is to me).  DSC01725


Friday Rachel was in town, so the girls came over to my house to hang out.  Again I miss us all being together.


Then we had dinner with the Smiths.  On Saturday we (mom, dad, Russell and I – Leslie had to work) went to Top Golf.  That is a fun place and I did decently well. 


We met Leslie for lunch.  Then we went to see the Muppets movie.  We got their pretty early, and so they made us stand in line.  We were the first ones.  So nothing like being the first in line for a kiddie movie. lol.  But it was still a really good movie- brought back memories.


All in all is a was a GREAT week.  Too bad then we had to come back.