Saturday, February 27, 2010

Door Hangers

Here is a little montage of the door hangers that we have.  Now we just need more visitors to see them-haha.

The fall one that started it all

. . . . . idk

Making up a title is the hardest thing about blogging.

It snowed this week!  Nothing compared to what happened in Dallas, but for about an hour it snowed.  Nothing stuck, but it was still fun.

This week was a nice quiet week. I don’t’ know if I have told ya’ll or not but Frank is officially out of my class, for real this time. I know I told you he was out for a day, and then got back in. But two weeks ago two parents called and complained that he was making inappropriate comments to girls in my class, and so they moved him to Coach Shipmans! I emailed Shipman and said here are his grades, here is the name and number of his father, the name and number of his behavior specialist, good luck. Haha. Shipman said he put him in his place the first day and has been doing pretty well in there. Seventh period has been great now especially because this whole last week another student who means well but is just loud in general was out showing at the rodeo.

This morning had had to take the PPR test, the last test to make me completely certified. PPR stands for Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility, basically they give you scenarios and you have to pick what to do in an idea world (not necessarily real world). Cody signed up to take it with me, so I picked her up at 7 am (ughhhh) and we made it to the testing site at 7:30 so we could take it at 8. It only took about an hour and a half and then I came back and took a two hour nap. Afterwards we washed my car, it was getting SO dirty. Rusty got a bath as well, so he is all nice and clean, smells good, and soft. I vacuumed the whole house (it had definitely been while because I filled up the entire canister-gross). Then I dusted our bedroom, and the living room. I’m calling Rusty, dusty Rusty from now on. Tomorrow I will tackle the kitchen and bathrooms.

Before I can clean the kitchen I am going to make my 5th period cupcakes. Somehow they have talked me into it (or perhaps asking everyday and complaining all the time that they are hungry, and I just want them to be quiet-lol). But they are good kids who turn stuff in so I guess they are worth it. This week should be a pretty easy one, we have a test on Tuesday over the Russian and Chinese revolutions (ya’ll all remember that right?!?! It’s where they turn communist). So we are reviewing on Monday, which we started doing that on Friday with a fun game, that went over well so that was fun. And then Wednesday is the ELA TAKS test, so I will be administrating that (not as fun) and then they will stay in their TAKS rooms all day. So then it’s really just a short two day week!
Our snow!

Rusty drying off after his bath.  He's so cute-lol

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

I started this post early in the week, but then the internet messed up halfway through and then I was so frustrated I didn't feel like rewriting. So now it's a long overdue post. Sorry. I’m writing it in word first, in case the internet messes up again, so it will probably have less spelling errors and be more grammatically correct- lol.

Last weekend was my birthday, and we went to Dallas. On Thursday it rained all day in Houston, but up in Dallas it was cold enough for it to snow all day. My parents had over 7 inches of snow. We left about 3:20 from Houston. It was the earliest I could get home after school, and throw all our toiletries in the bag. We started seeing snow around Thornton (on 14, the one you only slow down to 50 and no stops-lol). But it was mostly on the roofs and in snowmen. But it was in between Grosbeck and Mexia that we started seeing snow on the ground all over. And Corsicana there was a LOT of snow on the ground and in the far left lane. For some reason it decided to stay in that lane, and so that made it be more traffic that would have been. You could see tire marks where people had tried to drive in the snow, but then failed (as in going into the guardrail). We made it my parent’s house around 7:30- so pretty good time.

However, not great time because we missed the surprise (though we knew that was going to happen). Leslie decided to throw Jeremy a surprise party because he had turned 30 the week before. He thought they were just coming over to see us, but instead he was greeted by about 30 other friends. It was a fun party; it was good to see a lot of people. It’s hard to see a lot of people on the weekend, but that’s how it is when you live far away.
Our Saturday started by going on a wild goose chase to get Jeremy’s present. We knew we wanted to get him a golf gift card, but because it had snowed the pro shop was closed (and we found that out when we got there). So we went to Target to get him a card, and decided we would get him 30 ones. But that requires going to the bank, and so we went. But the bank at that Tom Thumb is now just an atm. I hate it when things change and I don’t know where they are now. But we made it back and had lunch with the family and Nannie and Da. We watched some Olympics and then went to dinner at Ghingis Grill (they don’t have those down here).
Sunday we went to church, and then out to eat with what ended up being a rather large group. As I called it the “McRotayfosikeman’s”. Haha that include us (McCarthy’s), my parents (Roddy’s ), Leslie and Jeremy (Taylor’s), Amanda (Foster), Kristi (Sikes), and Kellan and Molly (the Hickman’s). We ate at On The Border (of course) and it was very yummy!! We left on Sunday around 2 and made it back to Houston in less than 4 hours (Russell was driving not me). When we got back Russell gave me his present, and he got me a nice bathrobe, and gift cards for pedicure, and a message. I was very thankful for that.

On Monday Russell got to sleep in, because he got the day off. I had to go to work, but it was just development, so no kids. But it made for a short week, and those are always good!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Been Awhile.....sorry

So I realized today that I haven't posted in awhile.  So sorry.  Nothing too exciting has happened. 

On Friday I thought it was the best day ever, when my problem child, Frank, got his schedule changed out of my class.  I was so excited.  He is always talking, out of his seat, and just annoys the crap out of everyone.  His behavior specialist seaid it best, he doesn't do enough to write him up, but he pecks away at you all class, and you come out just beaten down.  When he came and told me on Friday, I told my class we had 5 seconds to celebrate (which we did) and then got back to work.  When I got home Russell took me out to eat- OTB of course!  And then on Monday afternoon, he got his schedule changed back.  noooooo :(  So much for celebrating.  I was so disappointed.  So I told him that from now on he gets three strikes and then I write him up, and that strikes are anythign from being out of his seat, talking out loud, and going to the bathroom (he goes, or at least wants to go, ALL the time).  So far it has seemed to work.  He did good this week, except for today.  But still it wasn't too bad.

It has been raining ALL day today, and up in Dallas that means snow all day long.  I am so jealous.  :(  Hopefully it stays so I can see it, because we are going up there for my birthday!  YAY!  More to come after this weekend, but thought I would keep you updated!