Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was a three day weekend!!  YAY!! 

My parents came into town Friday night.  And they brought Kristin!  Kristin is a sophomore and Dallas Baptist University, and I have known her since she was two.  Mom used to babysit her and her brother when they were younger, and when she only had one brother, now she has two!  I love the Thieman family!  And I was really excited that Kristin had a free weekend to come down.

We didn’t really do too much over the weekend.  It was nice to just sit around and hang out with my family.  Saturday we went to Cypress Station grill for lunch (and was also dinner) and then went and go frozen yogurt later that night (yes that was Russell and I’s third time to go that week- Confused smile) lol. 

Sunday we went to church.  Mom, dad and Kristin went back home after the first service.  Russell and I stayed like we always do. I teach the 2s and 3s in sunday school and Russell greets at the door and takes offering.  After church we just had frozen pizza for lunch, because for dinner we had fajitas while we watched the Aggies play.  Russell’s family, and my friend Amanda came over to watch as well (even though she is a longhorn).  We had fun watching the Aggies win, hopefully that’s a trend that continues!!

Monday we hung around the house, and then went to Smash Burger for lunch.  Mom and dad were curious about it, because they don’t’ have them in Dallas (yet- I’m sure).  We love Smash Burger and eat there pretty regularly.  Last week on Groupon they had a buy a $12 gift card for only $6.  So I bought two and so did Russell, but Russell had a ten dollar credit so we got $48 worth of Smash Burger for $14.  Not to shabby!  After lunch mom, dad, and Kristin had to head back to Dallas. 

That night we had our fantasy football draft.  This is Russell and I’s second fantasy team.  This one was just for the Roddy/Taylor/McCarthy family.  Leslie chose Payton Manning first round, first pick over all.  She knows he’s hurt- I don’t know  her thinking on that one.  Oh well her loss my gain!  Go McCarthatrons!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More bad luck

I thought the bad luck with cars would be over. . . I was wrong!

Yesterday morning when I was driving to work, I noticed my interior lights were dim (yes school starts so early that it is dark when I am driving there).  But I didn’t think much of it, and clicked them brighter.  Afterschool I ran a few errands (ok actually I went to the outlet mall) and everything was fine.  When I got home, Russell was already home and was reheating some leftover pizza from this weekend.  I asked him if he wanted to do rotisserie chicken like we planned, or to just snack and do leftovers.  He voted for the latter.

Later that night we decided to go get some frozen yogurt.  They just opened a new place by our house, and it’s really good, lots of variety.  They have a “smile points” that are basically a frequent visitor program.  So after many jokes about us increasing our smilage, we went over and got some.  When we walked in, Russell noticed a coworker in there with his family.  So we went and talked with them for awhile.  It was about 8:30 when we left, and it’s no longer summer so it was dark.  All the sudden on our way home the radio clicked off.  I asked Russell if he did that, and he aid no.  So we were confused.  About 15 seconds later the entire car shut down.  We were able to coast over to a side street.

Russell popped to hood and looked, I don’t know what he was looking for.  But he decided that we needed to have someone come jump  us.  So we called his mom and she came to save the day.  She jumped us and the car started up.  so we turned around and tried to make it the last mile home, and about 52 seconds later it died again.  This time there was no side street to turn into close by.  So Russell got out and started pushing the car.  I just want to say that power steering is AMAZING.  It takes so much to turn a car when power steering doesn’t work. 

We turn into a private neighborhood/rich people private airport.  So we were out of the way of traffic.  Russell calls Geico and they send out a tow truck (yay for having good insurance!!).  Russell’s mom took us home (we both had to pee- lol).  She left and we waited for the tow truck guy to call and say that he was 10 minutes out.  He called about 15 minutes later, so it wasn’t that long of a wait. 

So we go back out and wait for the tow truck.  We saw it pass by once, and then come and find us.  The guy was really good.  he had to jump it again,  so we could put it in neutral.  He tows it to a place closer to Russell’s parent house, because it had an open lot at night.  But this time is 10:30.  By the time we made it home, we both needed showers, because we had been standing outside a lot.  We normally go to bed around 9:30- so I was very tired this morning.

Russell was tempted to called in from work, but I told him he needed to take me to work, so he might as well go too.  So Russell dropped me off at school this morning, went to work for a few hours and then went back to the mechanics to talk to them and get it fixed.  It was the alternator that went out.  So apparently that’s what charges the battery when the car is on, and since it wasn’t charging the battery, the battery was completely drained.

The mechanics fixed it today, and we picked it up tonight.  So the ordeal is over, just about $700 poorer than we were yesterday Sad smile

Hopefully this is it for our car troubles for awhile (knock on wood)