Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week of Randomness

My kids were really random this week.  I don't know how or why but it was a crazy week.

It started out on Tuesday during 5th period all the sudden a half drank milk carton showed up on desk.  I asked, of course no one wanted to admit it.  I didn't think too much of it, besides it was random and gross, but threw it away.  On Wednesday the milk made its appearance again.  And again on Thursday.  I kept thinking it was one of my goofballs that I have in there.  I mean this kid wore a fake mustache on Thursday- just because.  On Thursday there was the normal half drank milk, but at the end of the period there was another carton that hadn't been opened yet.  I didn't throw them away right away because I was fixing the desks back (they had been in tables for a group project) because my 6th period had a test.  Someone in my 6th decided that he was thirsty and drank the milk.  YUCK!  So I told my 5th on Friday, no more milk because someone may get sick.  It turned out to be one of my better smarted kids trying to be funny.  they are a weird class anyways so that's just another week in my 5th period.

On Wednesday we were talking about the Three Gorges Dam in China.  There are millions of youtube videos of it.  What it is, is a ginormous (1.3 mile wide) dam built on the Yangtze River to prevent flooding down stream, but its creating a 400 mile long reservoir.  Because of this it is going to change some of the ecology (as well as making over 1000 towns relocate to higher ground).  One of the examples in the book was that the river dolphin could go extinct because the river is changing.  So my students in my 4th period really took offense to that and put together this whole petition and flag to save the river dolphins.  This is all on my door.  Everyone who walks by and asks what it is.  I'll try to take a picture of it on Monday and post it, until then this is the River Dolphins in China.

On Friday in my 5th period (of course) on of my girls got a pass to the nurse.  When she came back another girl yells out "did you have to get a pap smear?".  OMG chaos ensues.  The girl who yelled it is a senior who always like to brag about it, but almost everybody else in the class are freshman (and mostly boys).  So everyone laughs, but then starts asking questions.   AWKWARD.  I just say ask your mom.  I am not going to have that conversation with them.  But then all the sudden all I could think about is Michael Scott on the show The Office and he asks if it a "pap smear or a pap schmear? like cream cheese".  I don't know it was all so random and so funny.  Why do these things happen in MY classroom?

And lastly ..... this song is what everyone was singing on Friday.  My 5th period (again of course) showed me the video.  It's like this twelve year old girl (who is not good) singing about skipping school and going to a party on Friday.  It's beyond ridiculous.  Go to the 2 minute mark- it's the best.  Oh goodness "music" these days.  And then they played it on the loud speaker at the end of the day

thank goodness for the weekend!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness or is it March Badness ?!?

My bracket this year is not good.  I have $10 riding on it....  we shall see.  Here is my bracket if you want to compare!

If you click on it.. it will make it bigger so you can actually read it !

Spring Break

This week was Spring Break.  It was so nice to be able to relax; however it went by really fast.  On Friday after school we went up to Dallas for the weekend.  On Saturday my best friend from high school, Katie, had a wedding shower.  And that night we had a bachelorette party for her.  It was great to hang out with her and see some people from high school that I hadn't seen since high school.  We started off by having a lingerie party for her at the Magnolia Hotel downtown, went to dinner, and then went out on the town. 
We spent the night at the hotel, and after an hour (yes I said an hour) wait for my car from valet, I met mom, dad, Leslie, and Russell (who mom and dad entertained for the weekend with golf and wii) for lunch at Red Lobster on Sunday. 

 On Monday Russell was "sick" and we got to hang out all Monday, since I really hadn't seen him all weekend.  We were going to go play golf, but it rained- a lot.  On Tuesday I cleaned the house and later that night Lauren came into town.  It was great to see her, I hadn't seen her since Christmas.  On Wednesday we went to the outlet mall.  I hadn't been shopping in awhile, so it was nice to get some things.  Later that night when Russell got home we went to the driving range.  I don't think Lauren liked it.  For one thing, she is left handed and we do not have left handed clubs.  I got a set of clubs, apparently Jeremy had bought them for Leslie, but they were too short, so they gave them to mom, which they were too short for her as well.  Yes, they fit me just fine.  lol.  On Thursday Lauren left, and Leslie came down.  We had lunch at On The Border (of course), and then we went over to Brad and Haley's (her old roommate) to hang out with them.  Leslie left that night, short trip-I know- she is crazy.  Friday I actually did the work that I had been putting off for over two weeks.  I graded some essays, and finished up on Saturday. 

Spring Break was great, but now I'm ready for summer.  Nine more weeks! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Billy Elliot

I feel like I'm always a week behind on this thing.  Sorry.  I'm trying.

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to go see Billy Elliot the musical at the Hobby Center in downtown Houston.  Kathy (Russell's mom) was going with the Camp Periwinkle girls, and they had some extra tickets.  The same couple that buys tickets to the Texans game for the boys, bought these tickets for the girls. 

The show was really nice.  It's a musical about a boy who gets into the Royal Ballet School in London.  They kept calling it bally.  Cute.  They had several little kids who were very talented.  Unfortunately there weren't really any songs that stick in your head days later.  But it was all very good.  I think Elton John wrote all the music.  It has won several Tony's. 

Afterwards we went to Carrabas for dinner.  They had appitizers ready for us when we got there.  Which was great because it was a long time since we had eaten, because it was a one o'clock show.  We were able to choose any entree and drink, and even had a dessert platter to share.  It's was great, I was definitely full afterwards.

It was an all day event, and it made me not do all my grading.  But it was worth it. I am thankful to know such great people who want to help out kids with cancer.  And thankful that they include me in things.

5 days til spring break!!!