Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Golf Experience

Starting Friday we have only have half days left of school.  Today me and Russell decided to take advantage of the extra time, so we set up a tee time for 3pm.  I got a set of golf clubs from mom (who I think had gotten them from Leslie).  I’m pretty sure they were too short for them, and they work pretty well (maybe a little long) for me. 

I have never played golf before.  I have hit at the driving range a few times, but never played a hole.  Well, I did today.  And I am not good. lol.  I got better later in the day, but yeah I’ll stick to my day job. 

I didn’t play every hole.  After about the first 7 I was kinda tired.  It was a cart path only day (we don’t know why-since it hasn’t rained in FOREVER)- so it was a lot of walking.  And I am not good at finding where my ball went, so again, a lot of walking.  So I took a few holes off, and then on the back 9 I stopped keeping score, then I did a lot better.  I started hitting it a lot more solidly.

Maybe this summer I will take a few lessons- until then I am happy being bad.



ONE MORE DAY til school is done!!!! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What some people will do…

As school is winding down I am getting a lot of begging and pleading for extra points.  What people don’t understand that a point on a semester grade is like 4 points on a six weeks grade which is like 10 points on a major test grade.  It’s a lot and I don’t normally do it ( unless they have worked hard for me all year long and are so close ) but I make that decisions after the fact, not because of asking/begging.

But this one takes the cake: (and yes apparently we are on a first name basis)


now getting a little creepy….




Should I give him the points?!?

I’m a softy so I did. lol.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Africa Plays and Eco Fair

As school winds down, we are doing projects- basically because there isn’t time to teach another unit.  My geography students did a Three-Act Play over a country in Africa (because Africa is a CONTINENT- NOT a country- just a little tired of saying that- lol).  One of my students was born in Ghana and lived there until he was six, his group actually drew Ghana as their country to do a play over.  He brought in actual clothes from Ghana, and he actually wore the outfit that his dad got married in.  Very cool!  Here is his group after they  performed their play.


Can you guess which one is from Ghana? lol. 

The seniors did an “Eco Fair”  (in their government and economic classes) where they had to create products and design and sell them.  Today we had an extended period where the seniors had set up their booths in the cafeteria, and they were able to buy and sell their goods, as well as the teachers who were off second period (which I am!).  They had just paper money, so I got some good stuff for free!


I was able to “buy” a cute pair of flip-flops, bedazzled picture frame, cake balls (there was a LOT of food products- including chips and homemade  salsa that I had already eaten by the time I took this picture), a bracelet with my name, and a key chain that says mustangs, which is our mascot.  Also, one of my student that I have made the horseshoe (yes it’s real from his farm) and it’s says 2011 Cypress Ranch 1st class (since this is the first years for seniors).  I thought by far it was the most original and creative.  Fun times!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slacking Lately

I feel like I have been slacking lately on the blog... but to be honest nothing too exciting has happened.  School is slowly winding down.  We had TAKS test on the last week of April.  I think it went well, we haven't gotten the results back yet- so who knows.  My students (only my 10th grade world history kids took it) came back saying that the stuff that we put in the "TAKS bible" (their review packet) wasn't on the test- but I'm sure most of it was.  So we shall see.

I had my summative meeting (end of the year meeting with my appraisor).  It went well, I got half Excells and the other half Proficient.  She told me ways to get excells on the rest.  And in case you are wondering, yes I still have a job next year!  Other districts in Houston had to lay off teachers, but as a far as I know all the teachers in my district got to stay, they started laying off some at the administrative level and some curriculum coaches.

Just wanted to brag on my sister for a bit!  Not only did she graduate from her accelerated nursing program (which has consumed her life the past year)... she got a job!!  I'm so excited for her.  Hopefully her and Jeremy can get back to a normal life! 

I can't wait to see my family next weekend, as we are traveling up to Dallas to see one of my good friends growing up get married, and a wedding shower for another one. 

Life will get exciting again and I will get back to blogging more.  12 more days of school left!  Countdown to summer begins!!