Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Rusty Puppy

Rusty has really bad allergies.  He is on a daily steroid pill to maintain them.  Because the vet thinks that it is a food allergy he is on a grain free, meat free, vegan diet.  And I just want to say that it is hard to find vegan food for a dog.  No worries, I found some (granted it is at Petco, not Petsmart that is is 3 minutes from our house).


For the most part Rusty likes it- he definitely likes it better with a bit of the canned stuff stirred in.  This also means that he is no longer getting some people food- which is does NOT like. 

Vegan food is also expensive.  So I found a recipe online for homemade dog treats and I tweaked it for Rusty’s needs.

IMG_0393 Flax seed flour (instead of wheat flour) and veggie baby food (I used sweat potato and peas and carrots.  And then I added a little bit of parsley since it supposed to help with bad breath.


1 cup of flax seed + 1 jar baby food = easy yummy treats.


All I had was Christmas cookie cutters, so the stars are peas and carrots, and the candy canes are sweet potato.  Rusty doesn’t mind.  He is one happy (less allergic) puppy!


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  1. Rusty is DEFINTELY one spoiled dog. Guess he's worth t.